♦ Gamification in Education: Research Trends

Karataş, E. (2014). Eğitimde Oyunlaştırma: Araştırma Eğilimleri. Ahi Evran Üniversitesi Kırşehir Eğitim Fakültesi Dergisi (KEFAD) 15, 2, 315-333.

Abstract Gamification process in education is not only adding games to information or skills but also benefiting from its potential of facilitating the learning within the current learning domain by integrating characteristics of game. Gamification is the use of video components to enhance the user experience or to enable the user to be connected to the environment in the non-gaming systems. This study reviewed the literature in Turkish and English using the keywords ―gamification‖ and ―learning‖ irrespective of the year. Among 206 studies accessed, 62 of them met the study objectives and were analysed systematically. The majority of the studies were conducted in 2014 with a percentage of 35.48. Most of the studies preferred groups less than 50 (n=15; 31.91%); undergraduate students (n=38; 64.41%) and focused on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) learning area (n=19; 33.93%). The most commonly analysed topic was the impact of gamified learning environment (n=19; 59.38%) on academic achievement/performance (n=18; 31.58%). Most frequent game element was badges (n=25; 19.38%) and points (n=19; 14,73%) with an emphasis on motivation theories (n=8; 18,61%).

Keywords: gamification, gamification in education, gamified learning, content analysis, research trends

For more information: http://kefad.ahievran.edu.tr/archieve/pdfler/Cilt15Sayi2/JKEF_15_2_2014_315-333.pdf